Halal prepaid Visa cards as part of our recent partnership with KOHO have received a lot of positive feedback and questions from our community. We all love the concept of a halal Visa card that we can identify with as Muslims, but what makes this card truly halal and what’s Manzil bringing to the table?

Halal by Nature

KOHO’s prepaid Visa card is halal by nature. You load it with your own money, and you can only spend what you load. If your account has a hundred dollars in it, you can only spend a hundred dollars. It’s not credit, hence, there are no credit checks. So what’s so special about it? Well, when’s the last time you received rewards for spending money using your debit card?

Think of it as a Debit Card on steroids, with the following benefits that are a favorite of mine:

  1. It’s accepted anywhere in the world Visa is accepted (with some shariah compliance restrictions)
  2. You get cashback rewards for spending (list of relevant merchants of interest to Muslims will grow)
  3. It’s super easy to transfer money using email transfers and takes seconds to setup
  4. A beautiful app from KOHO with a gorgeous and intuitive UI
  5. It’s Free (unless you opt for a Premium subscription)

It goes without saying of course, that we ensured that the card and everything it entails are AAOIFI compliant or end-to-end halal. Keep in mind, it’s what the future has in store that’s truly exciting when it comes to shariah-compliant features in collaboration with KOHO. Remember, this is a new partnership, and KOHO has been more than accommodating and they’re a wonderful group of teams to work with, but it is still a new partnership, and we’re working hard to add features and address any kinks or issues along the way.

Here’s what you can do to help. We need to generate as many signups for these cards as possible, so…

  1. Spread the word and share it with family and friends
  2. Do a WhatsApp run and inject our halal cards page manzil.ca/halalcard into relevant groups
  3. Post it on your Instagram and we’ll reshare your post

Here’s the signup process for those who haven’t signed up yet:

  1. Fill out our basic form on manzil.ca/halal-cards (you are automatically redirected)
  2. Sign up on the KOHO + MANZIL partners page: https://partners.koho.ca/manzil
    1. If you sign up directly on Koho.ca, please use referral code: MYMANZIL
  3. Load your card with any dollar amount to activate it

Of course, it all begins with signing up. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you sign up here as it’s completely free and only takes seconds to complete. And remember, you need to be a Canadian resident to be eligible.

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