The wait is over! On November 26th, 2019, Manzil celebrated the launch of the Halal Mortgage Fund on NEO Connect and DealSquare. To celebrate the listing, Manzil opened the NEO Exchange market alongside valued investors and team members! 

A lot of hard work was put in from the Manzil team and all the partners and I cannot thank them enough for this tremendous feat.

said Manzil’s Co-founder and CEO, Mohamad Sawwaf.

We look forward to building the Islamic Finance industry here in Canada, with Toronto being the North American hub.

Mohamad Sawwaf

Manzil’s Halal Mortgage Investment Fund is the only fund that invests in halal mortgages in Canada, then shares profits from the financial payments back to its investors. This product gives an underserved community the chance to grow their wealth ethically and earn a halal return on their investments for the very first time in Canada. 

The fund is now available on the NEO Connect Exchange under the ticker symbol MANZL and is also listed on DealSquare, Canada’s first centralized platform for private placement offerings. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy from the event:

The platform, NEO Connect, is Canada’s first distribution platform that allows investment products not listed on an exchange to be purchased and redeemed as simply and efficiently as it is to trade ETFs.  

Head of Funds & Trading at NEO Exchange, Erik Sloane, took to LinkedIn to say,

We’re very excited to welcome our newest #PTF issuer to market – Manzil launched their first #fund with #NEOConnect & #Dealsquare bringing their #halal #Mortgage Investment Fund – $MANZL – to market!

We’re happy to have finally launched and to share this exciting news with our followers. Stayed tuned for many more exciting announcements to come in the very near future 😉