Manzil’s Halal Portfolios are made up of two types of Halal investments:

  1. An Income Fund that invests in real estate to provide Muslims across Canada with Halal home financing. This is Manzil’s Halal Homes Fund.

  2. An Equity Fund that invests in a portfolio of Shariah-compliant stocks. This ETF trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker HLAL and is owned by Wahed Invest ( Manzil partnered with Wahed to give Canadians access to Wahed’s Equity Fund in Canada through Manzil’s Halal Portfolios.

Manzil’s Halal Portfolios come in 4 different flavours to satisfy different appetites for risk. You can select the portfolio that’s the most suitable for your risk tolerance.

  1. Manzil’s Income Halal Portfolio: 100% of your money is invested in Manzil’s Halal Homes Fund. Suitable for very low-risk investors.
  2. Manzil’s Conservative Halal Portfolio: 75% of your money is invested in Manzil’s Halal Homes Fund, 25% in Wahed’s Equity Fund. Suitable for low-risk investors.
  3. Manzil’s Balanced Halal Portfolio: 50% of your money is invested in Manzil’s Income Fund, 50% in Wahed’s Equity Fund Suitable for moderate-risk investors.
  4. Manzil’s Growth Halal Portfolio: 25% of your money is invested in Manzil’s Income Fund, 75% in Wahed’s Equity Fund Suitable for higher-risk investors.

Halal or Not Halal?

Manzil is a member of AAOIFI, the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions. Manzil is 100% AAOIFI-compliant. In other words, we’re as Halal as you can get. To view our Halal Certifications, please visit:

How Do I Get Started?

We partnered with CI Direct Investing to provide you with a means to facilitate and manage your investments into our Halal portfolios.

Why CI Direct Investing?

  1. CI Direct is part of CI Financial, one of the country’s largest investment companies, trusted by Canadians since 1965.
  2. With CI Direct Investing:
  3. Your investments are secured and protected
  4. You have the ability to set up and automate monthly contributions
  5. You’re charged low annual account fees from 0.38% to 0.60%
  6. All account types are supported including RRSP, RESP, TFSA, LIRA, RRIF, and Personal and Corporate Savings accounts

Type of Investment Accounts CI Direct Investing Supports Include:

  1. RRSP
  2. RESP
  3. TFSA
  4. Personal Savings
  5. Joint
  6. Business Savings
  7. LIRA
  8. RRIF and more

Visit our Halal Money page on our website to get started or learn more, Inshā Allah.