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No limits | Interest-free | Freedom to deposit and withdraw as you please. Open to both Canadians and Non-Canadian Citizens.

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What Makes a Personal Investment Account Halal?

Rather than collecting interest, money deposited into this account is invested in a Shariah compliant way. As long as that cash is being used to buy Shariah-compliant investments such as the Manzil Halal Portfolios then you should be able to sleep peacefully at night.

Benefits of a Personal Investment Account

  • Flexbile

    These accounts can be as large or as small as you want. There are no limits to what you can deposit.

  • Not a registered account

    No warnings or penalties from the government for not following certain rules and regulations.

  • Best used for

    Dividends from Canadian Corporations and growth-oriented ETFs.

  • Its Halal

    The money you put in your Personal investment account gets invested into the Manzil Halal Portfolios. This means your money is not just growing, but you can sleep peacefully at night knowing it's growing through Halal means.

Open Your Personal Investment Account

Why CI Direct Investing?

We partnered with a Robo-Advisor, CI Direct Investing, so you can access our the Manzil Halal Portfolios and get financial advice.

  • Low fees. Happy wallets

    CI Direct Investing delivers a low fee investing service, so more of your money stays invested.

  • Smarter technology, smarter savings

    Build better savings habits with CI Direct Investing's easy automated savings and investment app.

  • Advice worth listening to

    Advice, not a sales pitch, from a Certified Financial Planner® included.

Your Money is Safe with CI Direct Investing

Funds managed by CI Direct Investing are held with custodian members of Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). This provides limited protection for customer accounts, in case of the custodians’ insolvency for up to $1 million per account type category.

  • CI Direct Investing is a registered portfolio manager.
  • Advanced technology to secure your account.
  • Protecting your personal information.
  • Total transparency.

Ready to Open Your Halal Personal Investment Account?

It's fast and it's easy. In just a few minutes, you can open, fund and start growing your Halal personal investment account.

Open Your Personal Investment Account
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