At Manzil, you can choose between halal financing for your home or halal investment solutions to create Shariah Compliant wealth.

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What Makes These Products Halal?

Halal financial products are not just about paying or receiving Interest (Riba). There’s more to it than that:

Halal & Ethical Screening
Halal & Ethical Screening

The products are end-to-end Halal, which simply means permissible and in compliance with Islamic Shariah Law. This prohibits from investing in businesses that profit from things like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, gambling, and adult entertainment.

Shariah Compliant Transactions
Shariah Compliant Transactions

Our financial solutions are based only on Shariah compliant underlying principles including Murabaha (cost plus sale), Musharaka (partnership) and Wakala (agency). Furthermore, we follow strict processes and procedures to ensure conducting each transaction in line with the Shariah compliance requirements, thus making sure that the end product that we offer you is Shariah compliant end to end

Asset-Backed Transactions
Asset-Backed Transactions

If we go out of business, it doesn't mean you go out of business. Your investments and financing contracts are backed by tangible assets with a known market value.

Clear & Transparent Contracts
Clear & Transparent Contracts

Contracts are not one-sided. We ensure that the terms are laid up front and are fair, clear, and easy to understand for the client or investor.

Your Data is Secure With Manzil

Manzil encrypts and protects your information using industry best practices.

  • Safer than most bank's data encryption
  • 256-bit Data-Encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Select Your Halal Financial Product

Halal Homes

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Finance your Halal home in 4 easy steps:

  • 1 Submit an application with Manzil
  • 2 Get approved
  • 3 Choose a property and agree on a the finance amount and contract you need (whether Murabaha or Musharaka) with Manzil
  • 4 Manzil actually purchases the property and either sells the entire property in one go to you (on the principle of Murabaha), or gradually sells its share in the property to you (on the principle of Musharaka)
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Halal Money

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Start earning Halal money in 4 easy steps:

  • 1 Register with our investment partner
  • 2 Open your account with our investment partner
  • 3 Deposit money or transfer your current investment portfolio for free
  • 4 Start earning a halal return on your investment
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Our Islamic Financial Services FAQs

1. Do I have to be Muslim to Finance or Invest?

Absolutely not! We do not limit financing or investing to people based on their religion, race, gender, or creed. We welcome everyone to explore Islamic banking in Canada and our exceptional service. In fact, many non-Muslims find our products to be very competitive and appealing due to the ethical standards we’ve established.

2. Who are your Islamic Scholars?

We have partnered with  the world renowned Islamic Finance Advisory and Assurance Services. The team consists of scholars for certification, auditors, and finance managers.

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