Canada’s only Halal Real Estate Fund

The Manzil Mortgage Fund (MMF) is a Halal real estate fund that focuses on financing Canadian residential real estate using Murabaha (cost-plus) and Musharaka (partnership) transaction style halal structures. This opens the door to ethical homeownership for more Canadians

Manzil Mortgage Fund (MMF)

Ticker: MANZL

The Manzil Mortgage Fund was established to provide Halal Home Financing to Canadians. It was also established to provide investors with a new shariah compliant asset class*

End to end Shariah Compliant

The first North American Fund that finances Shariah compliant first mortgages secured by residential real property in Canada


Operates in accordance with Shariah rules, principles and guidelines

Generate Monthly Income

Monthly income generating investment


Registered Accounts Eligible (RRSP, TFSA, RESP, and more)


Non-correlated asset class to equity markets (less volatility)

Support Halal Home Financing

No purification required


Help fellow community members get into homeownership for the very first time

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Fund Facts & Details

Below are the links to the Fund Facts for the PTF Class units. The Fund Facts is published every month by the 20th. The PTF Class Units are available via OneVest Management Inc.

The PTF Class Units are available via our portfolio manager partner, OneVest, as part of their managed accounts service.***

Fund Historical Performance & Highlights

The charts below give you a snapshot of the Fund’s investments***:


This chart shows how Series PTF Securities of the Fund performed in the past 6 months. The range of returns and change from year to year can help you assess how risky the fund has been in the past. It does not tell you how the Fund will perform in the future.

Underlying Investments

Musharaka (Partnership)
Murabaha (Cost plus profit)

Geographical Allocation

Annual Return since Inception
Monthly Return for last 12 months
Monthly Return for last 12 months
Annualized Return

Fund Profile

Residential Assets Value
Mortgage Portfolio Value*
Default Rate
Average Client Profile
Household Income
Credit Score
Gross-Debt-Servicing (GDS)
Total-Debt-Servicing (TDS)
Halal Certified & Audited
Our Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB) have carefully reviewed the structuring and documentation of the product and issued a certificate of Shariah compliance.
How Do You Start Investing
Manzil is a strategic partner of OneVest Management Inc. (“OneVest”). OneVest provides wealth management products and services to Manzil customers. OneVest is a registered Portfolio Manager in each province and territory of Canada.
Sign up to Create a Manzil Account
After you sign up, verify your email, log in to your dashboard, and click on “Start Investing” under Halal Money.
Create & Fund Your Accounts
Sign up to create and fund your accounts with our partner, OneVest (you can also transfer existing ones) to facilitate, manage and track your investments.
Start Earning Halal Money
OneVest takes care of the investments, you take care of being you. Of course you can always speak to a OneVest portfolio manager about your investments.

Invest in your future self.

Manzil Invest - Investment fund and portfolio management services are provided by OneVest.*


*Manzil Invest is a strategic partner of OneVest Management Inc. (“OneVest”). OneVest offers wealth management products and services to Manzil customers. OneVest Management Inc. is registered as a Portfolio Manager in each of the provinces and territories of Canada, and as an Investment Fund Manager in the provinces of Alberta, Ontario Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Upon opening your account, OneVest will determine what investments are suitable for you.

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*** Your capital is at risk with any type of investment. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results or success. Please read OneVest’s investment risk disclosure for more information.