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Finally, Halal home financing is now available.

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What is a Halal Mortgage?

As per Shariah requirements in respect to financing, Manzil’s relationship with the customer is a relation of a seller to a buyer for Murabaha or a partner for Musharaka, and not a lender to a borrower as it is in conventional lending.

A lender lends money and is repaid with more money (i.e. interest which is prohibited from a Shariah point of view), while Manzil finances the transaction through buy and sell activities or a partnership, so that there is a profit on the transaction, and not interest (Riba).

What Makes It Halal?

Interest-Free (No Riba)
Interest-Free (No Riba)

Under Islamic law, Riba (or interest) is prohibited as it's an exploitative arrangement that keeps the poor stuck with ever-growing debts while the rich increase their wealth without creating any extra value.

Shariah Compliant Transactions
Shariah Compliant Transactions

Our investment, finance and mortgage products are based on Shariah compliant underlying principles including Murabaha (cost plus sale), and Musharaka (partnership).

Shariah Governance
Shariah Governance

Three layers of Shariah governance:
1. Internal Shariah compliance function
2. Active three member Shariah Supervisory Board
3. Independent external Shariah Auditor

Clear & Transparent Contracts
Clear & Transparent Contracts

Contracts are fair, clear, and transparent. Both regulatory and Shariah compliance requirements have been reviewed by our legal and Shariah teams to ensure relevant compliance. Terms are laid up front in clear and simple language.

Halal Mortgage Calculator

See for yourself how a Murabaha or Musharaka financing can save you money and time since you don't have to worry about renewals or penalties.

Financing Type

Payment Type


Move the sliders to calculate the outcome that is most accurate to you.

Purchase Price

Down Payment (Minimum Down 20%)

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How is Halal Financing Different?

There is a misconception amongst the general public that Islamic finance is the same as conventional, simply because both specify the finance cost as a percentage. This is a huge misnomer because using a percentage is just a method of pricing. What is most important is not the use of the percentage, but rather what such a percentage represents.

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For example:

A car dealer can buy a car for $1,000 and sell it for $1,200 making a profit of $200, which can be expressed as 20%. On the other hand, a person can lend someone a $1,000 dollars and demand that the borrower pays it back as $1,200, thus making a 20% interest.

The difference between the two scenarios, from a Shariah point of view, is that the 20% made from selling the car is a permissible profit (as it involves taking risk of ownership in the items being sold), while the 20% interest on a loan is the pure definition of prohibited Riba (where the lender did not put any work or take on any risk to earn such increase).

Murabaha vs. Musharaka

See the features and benefits of a Musharaka or Murabaha financing and determine which one is best for you!
Features & Benefits
Transaction Type
Profit Rate
Who holds the legal title to the property?
Who bears the risks of the property?
20% Minimum Down Payment
Terms between 1-25 years
You can pay it off anytime
No profiting off of Delayed Payments
No profiting off of Default Payments
New Purchases only
Fixed rates matched to the term
Payment will never increase or decrease
Title is held in a corporation you own
You bear the risk as sole owner
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New Purchases, Transfers, Refinances
5-year fixed rates
Payment will increase or decrease based on the Bank of Canada rate decision
Title is in your name
Both you and the fund bear the risk according to the sharing %
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Halal Certifications

Our Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB) have carefully reviewed the structuring and documentation of the product and issued a certificate of Shariah compliance.

Islamic Compliance Certificate
Islamic Compliance Certificate

Manzil Murabaha Financing Product
— Ontario

Islamic Compliance Certificate
Islamic Compliance Certificate

Manzil Musharaka Financing Product
— Ontario

Halal Portfolio Asset

Halal Home Financing

End-to-end Shariah compliance

Fixed or variable financing rates with terms up to 25 years

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Via Google Reviews
Via Google Reviews
Via Google Reviews

A young islamic financial institution with huge potential

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I bought my house through Manzil a few months back alhamdulillah. A relatively young islamic financial institution yet one with huge potential. Brothers managing the company are very bright and hard-working and continuously striving to do better for the muslim ummah, mashaaAllah, tabarakallah. May Allah subhanahu wata’la bless Manzil with lots of growth and success - ameen!

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